Parish Campus Restoration

“Throughout time, the Lord calls his People to be reborn, renewed, and to rebuild.  Such is the time that we are in today. We must be good stewards of our campus, seek ways to continue the faith and uphold the parish we love for a new generation of St Boniface disciples.”  -Fr. Jason

This information is to inform the Church Parish on the status of building renovations, the need for future renovations and the financial resources necessary. Some of the renovations are being assessed to determine the cost before work can begin. The pictures show the poor state in which some of the areas of the Church and School are in. Included is a summary of the financial needs both current and future, for the church and school buildings. Please review this information and prayerfully consider what you can do to help. Please check back from time to time to see the resources gathered, and photos of the renovated items.

Financial breakdown for Renovations

For more information on specific renovations, click the links below:

From the Top

Church Restroom

Church Cry Room

Choir Loft

School Restroom

Playground Repair

School Auditorium

Repairs in process and finished