Parish Religious Education Program (P.R.E.P.)

The Parish Religious Education Program (P.R.E.P.) supports parents in their role as the primary educators of their children by providing a religious education experience for children attending non-Catholic schools. As such, it is a partnership between parents and the parish.

Our primary goal is to provide an atmosphere in which each child can experience God’s love through a supportive Christian community. Fostering a genuine relationship with God that expresses itself in committed Christian witness is as important as passing on the beliefs and customs of the Catholic Christian tradition. In this effort, parents and the parish are partners.

Through PREP we seek to foster:

  • Knowledge of the Gospel and the tradition of the Catholic Church
  • A personal commitment to Jesus Christ and the values of the Gospel
  • An active, conscious and genuine participation in the liturgy, and the habit of personal prayer
  • A Gospel sense of love that accepts responsibility for self and for the Kingdom through service while developing a healthy and holy sense of hope; and
  • A sense of loyalty and affection for the Church.

The Family’s Role

  • Attend Mass weekly with your children. At the heart of our Catholic tradition is the Mass. Developing the habit of weekly worship with the community is even more important than PREP. There will be times that we will attend Sunday Mass together as a group, in addition to PREP class from 9:00 – 10:00am.
  • Encourage proper and respectful behavior towards teachers, aides and peers.
  • Teach your child respect for holy places and times of prayer. When we gather together for prayer, we should not have to spend time instructing children about how to behave during worship.
  • Remind your child to show respect for the property of others. PREP shares space with the students and staff of St. Boniface Catholic School. We should not touch things that do not belong to us. Your child will be provided all the materials he or she needs during PREP classes.
  • Show interest in and enthusiasm for what your child is learning!
  • Help your child to learn the required prayers and other information. Class time is too short to accomplish everything that your child needs to memorize and learn. We count on you to work with your child outside of PREP and to reinforce the materials that we present in class.

Arrival and Dismissal

Classes are held from 9:00 am– 10:00 am on Sunday mornings in the School Library. Please use the door between the School and Parish Hall. Parents are always encouraged to join us! Please make sure your child is on time. It is disruptive when your child walks in while we are praying. Also, please do not pick your child up early unless it is absolutely necessary.

Attendance and Absenteeism

Parents and students should strive for perfect attendance. This is especially important when preparing for a sacrament. Absences could jeopardize a child’s readiness for the sacrament. In the event of repeated absences, please speak with the Director of Religious Education.

Preparation for Initiation Sacraments

The celebration of the sacraments of initiation is a parish event. Therefore, the children in the Parish Religious Education Program and the children in St. Boniface Catholic School celebrate sacraments together. Parent meetings, retreats, rehearsals and the sacramental celebrations themselves are coordinated parish activities. Parents are expected to attend one meeting during the year in order that they may share more fully in the preparation of their child for these celebrations.

First Reconciliation (Confession) and First Communion

The Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion are received for the first time in the Spring by the children that are in at least the 2nd grade AND have had 2 years of regular PREP attendance.


The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated each Spring by those students that are in at least the 10th grade AND have had at least 2 years of RECENT, regular PREP attendance, or other weekly religious instruction, such as attending Catholic school.


Registration for PREP takes place in July through early September. Classes run September – May each year, with breaks during the Christmas holiday, Spring Break and Easter. Registration for Sacraments (1st Communion and Confirmation) are also held at those times. Confirmation classes will begin on August 9th. It is very important to register so that materials may be ordered for your child.