2017 Calendar of Events

November 2017

2017 Football Fundraiser Weekly Winners

The FOOTBALL FUNDRAISER is a program used by the Endowment Board of Trustees to raise funds that are used in various ways to support St. Boniface School, the school staff, the school students, and relieve some of the financial expenses of the student parents. The goal of the FOOTBALL FUNDRAISER is to limit the number of times and the amount of financial support that the school may have to appeal to the Endowment Trust thereby allowing the donated funds received by the Endowment Trust to stay invested and maintain the earning power of these funds.

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Weekly Winners:

SBEF Football Week 1 Winners

SBEF Football Week 2 Winners

SBEF Football Week 3 Winners

SBEF Football Winners Week 4

SBEF Football Winners Week 5

SBEF Football Winners Week 6

SBEF Football Winners Week 7

SBEF Football Winners Week 8

SBEF Football Winners Week 9

SBEF Football Winners Week 10

SBEF Football Winners Week 11

SBEF Football Winners Week 12

SBEF Football Winners Week 13

SBEF Football Winners Week 14

SBEF Football Winners Week 15

SBEF Football Winners Week 16

SBEF Football Winners Week 17

Sister Mary Ruth Courtyard

Bricks are for sale to continue to create the Sister Mary Ruth Courtyard. All bricks are available for names and dates engraved into them. Bricks are $55 dollars.

Pick up an order form in the church office to have a brick placed in the courtyard.

Great gift idea for former students, Confirmation, 1st Communion, Graduation, Mother’s Day or any occasion!

VIRTUS Training

VIRTUS training will be continuing throughout the school year. Meetings will be scheduled through the Parish Office. Please call the Parish office at 783-6711, to register. Please remember that this is a mandatory class for all volunteers. Maximizing a church’s role as a child safe environment begins with making the adults more aware of the ways children and adults interact with each other. The Protecting God’s Children program educates and trains adults, (clergy, religious, teachers, staff, volunteers, and parents) about the dangers of abuse, the warning signs of abuse, the ways to prevent abuse, the methods of properly reporting suspicions of abuse, and responding to allegations of abuse.

We need Adorers for the Adoration Chapel

We are needing substitutes for the Adoration Chapel

If you are able to become a Substitute, please call Rudy and Dorothy Gramlich at 479-452-7595, or John and Joyce Becker at 479-783-8569.

Ministry Schedule

Please click on the link below for the Ministry Schedule:

Ministry Schedule November 25th through December 24th 2017

Ministry Schedule December 30th, 2017 to January 28, 2018